Thursday, March 31, 2011

Taking Lemons & Making Lemonade!

In the last four months, FPIES has really taught me a lot.  More than anything, it has taught me what an amazing little boy God blessed me with.  It has also taught me a lot about the fabric God wove me out of...  I am more determined, tenacious, and courageous than I ever thought.  If someone told me that one day I would be unafraid to put my little family (including new baby) on a plane and fly accross the country to see a doctor, I would have thought they were crazy.  If you would have told me that I could go for days at a time without sleeping and still take care of my family, I would have thought you were lying...  I have always been a person who likes clearly defined procedures and rules and going outside of what a doctor or authority figure had to say was completely out of character for me - at least I thought it was.  Like I said, I have learned a lot about what I am made of.  What I have learned most recently is that God really did make us where we can find purpose and blessings even in the moments that feel the darkest - if we are seeking to.  I know that sounds crazy, but I have really found this to be true.  FPIES is not something I would wish on any chid or any family.  It is very hard to deal with... but there are so many positive things that have come from it because we have sought to find a positive way to deal with all of this.  I now spend a part of every day of my life really doing things aimed at making a real difference in the lives of others.  From blogging, to trying to get legislation in place to help the many families that can't afford formula, to trying to raise funds for the FPIES United Family Fund, I fill the few free moments that I have when I can't spend with Braxton with trying to make a difference.  This is the biggest blessing that FPIES has given me.  It has given me purpose outside of my family and job.  It has helped me find my voice and has helped me start to become a voice for others.  I may not accomplish all of my goals, but I feel empowered.  I feel like I am seeking the path that God was grooming me and my family for all along.  Today, I am grateful to be making lemonade out of these lemons - even though Braxton can't drink the lemonade!   

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