Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Thank You, God...

Thank you, God for giving my family the special opportunity to have such a special little boy.  Thank you, God for giving my family the grace, perserverance, and strength to jump the hurdles this disorder can put along life's path.  Thank you, God for wonderful days when Braxton smiles and plays all day.  Thank you, God for allowing Braxton to continue to heal and helping him to thrive on his new formula.  Thank you, God for allowing us to see the miracle inside of our little boy;  For letting us witness how sweet and positive his spirit is even on days when he doesn't feel well.  Thank you, God for giving me the courage to speak up for my child and for others who haven't found a voice yet, when it is needed.  Thank you, God for sending our family down a path where we could find support and knowledge from others who have overcome the same obstacles we are struggling with.  Thank you, God for giving us the opportunity to turn something that could be so negative into something positive.  Thank you, God for giving our family the opportunity to help other families.  Please help us to continue to utilize our special talents and skills to advocate for others and to advance Your will.  Please give us discernment so that we can accomplish the goals that you have set for us.  Thank you, God for so many blessings. 

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  1. And thank YOU. I needed this reminder and encouragement today. Truly. We do have AMAZING babies, dont we?